Who We Are

The St. Louis Fire Department Foundation supports the St. Louis Fire Department by helping fund worthwhile projects within the Foundation’s two-fold mission:

  • to promote saving lives of those who live, work, and visit the City of St. Louis;
  • to protect the lives of professional lifesavers as they carry out their duties.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided AEDs to the St. Louis Fire Department, created a public access to defibrillation program, provided bail-out harnesses to firefighters to prevent injury from falls when escaping a burning building, provided new 12-lead defibrillators with telemetry capability, and launched a Simulation Center to train SLFD EMS personnel.

The Foundation Benefits:

people live, work and visit
St. Louis daily

transported to St. Louis
hospitals annually



St. Louis Fire Department Bureau of EMS has achieved the 2015 Mission: Lifeline® EMS Gold Level Recognition Award, only one of two agencies in the entire state to achieve this award. Mission Lifeline is based upon care delivered in 2014, and the collaboration among pre-hospital and hospital providers.