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Stay Cool as St. Louis Heats Up

The heat can cause serious health-related issues ranging from exhaustion to dehydration. Firefighters and EMS teams are specially trained to treat heat-related conditions, which can be life-threatening, but prefer to help prevent them if possible. Members of the department have teamed up with Cool Down St. Louis to install air conditioners and fans to folks who need them to stay safe during the hottest days of the summer, especially the elderly. However, the most important thing you can do to help our first responders keep the community safe is to check up on your neighbors who may be at risk due to advanced age or illness to be sure they are coping with the heat. “Sometimes we find folks who don’t want to use an air conditioner because of the cost, or they don’t realize how hot it actually is,” says Captain Garon Mosby, Public Information Officer for The St. Louis Fire Department. “There are programs to help cover the cost of the utility bill through Ameren and other organizations, and safety is the most important priority for everyone in the St. Louis area.

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